Tuesday, August 9, 2011

disney gluten-free.

Ninth and tenth stop. This review is really two in one. The first stop is Storytellers Cafe inside the California Grand Disney Resort, right next to Disneyland. 

But before I get to the food, I just wanted to say that the hotel way really nice and the pool had a water slide. We stayed there for free (well not really) my dad had to go there for his work and he took me, my mom and my sister. 
Well now, onto the food. Ok. First the service at Storytellers Cafe was really nice. Once the waiter knew I was gluten-free he brought me my own plate of bread to eat while I waited for my food. I ordered the cheeseburger and it was probably the best gluten-free cheeseburger ever. The bun was kinda small, but it was good (repeat, there was a bun!) and the burger was cooked just right. 
I was so happy we went there one more night. I ordered the gluten-free pizza. But, it was just ok. The crust was grainy and kinda undercooked. Storytellers Cafe, please cook the crust a little more. (Tell me what you think of their crust if you go there.)
The next stop was across from the hotel in Downtown Disney. The restaurant was called Naples and it was Italian food. I ordered the gluten-free pasta and it was good. The pizza looked good too, but it is not gluten-free. 
The rest of the time I spent hanging out in the pool and going to Disneyland. Oh, and I got to go to the Lego Store!

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