Monday, April 30, 2012

Starry Lane Bakery

Stop number 15. A reader asked me to review this place called Starry Lane Bakery in Santee. They make everything vegan and gluten-free. So me, my mom and my sister Lola went to check it out. We ordered almost every thing in there!
They had cookies , brownies, an apple turnover thing, biscotti and we tried it all. Everything was good. The cookies were chewy, same with the brownies, and I didn't even get a chance to eat the biscotti or the apple turnover because they were gone the next day! Mom and Dad ate them I think. 
There were some really good macaroons ( that I ate ).  But the raspberry jelly cookies were a little grainy for me. The rest of my family liked them though. Also, my mom wants you to know that you can order cupcakes too. Overall a really good bakery. Great job Starry Lane Bakery