Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Stop number 13. Now I am reviewing something I have never posted on this blog -- pasta! (Pasta is my second favorite thing next to bread.) So this spot is in La Jolla. Right near the shores there is a restaurant called Piatti's
They have very good gluten-free pasta. I ordered the plain pasta with red sauce and cheese. It was the best gluten-free pasta ever. I would say my mom's is the best, but sometimes the pasta is stuck together when she cooks it. (No offense, Mom. But now we are even for putting my bad spelling on the blog.) Well anyway, it was very good. The sauce was a little sweet, but I really liked it. 
My family really likes their food, too. They have a garlic, olive oil to dip that my parents love. The bread looked awesome so it was a little tough for me, but I made it through. 
 Be sure to check them out here for more information. I will definitely be back again!

La Jolla Shores 10/11 


  1. Great Vincent! Can you ask them to open a 2nd restaurant up here in Portland. No gluten allergies here, but it sure sounds yummy.
    Ground keeper Conrad

  2. Our mutual friend, Emma told me about your blog. I just started on a couple weeks ago. I love Piatti's! We have one up here in Sacramento. You're blog is so informative and I am trying to be healthier in my life, so your blog is definitely going on my list!